December 15, 2020

Immunity building program at BOC- Bentota

Pursuing the corporate policy, the company officials do undertake the Immunity Building Programme for external organizations upon request which can be regarded as the “First in the Country” as a supportive measure for the employees of respective organizations.
In this programme we do address the chronic fatigue system (due to overtraining or hard work) and demonstrate proper loading of physical exercises. The participants are advised to lead a stress-free life by removing life stressors. The ‘Demonstrations’ are user friendly and participatory by using TEXSTRETCH Progressive Resistance Bands. We are more interested in ‘Cardiovascular Fitness’ of the upper body to assist the participants from resisting the entry of viral, bacterial, fungal and such like into their bodies. Depending on the request and participants we use professionals/skilled in the subject for the same demonstration purpose.

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