Our unique technology of formulating rubber compounds is a key element of what makes us stand out as an exceptionally high-quality production house. The technology we use draws over 73 years  of excellence in countless applications.


Our innovative manufacturing techniques result in the industry leading physical properties. Every aspect of the process has been engineered and fine-tuned over the years, resulting in the best rubber quality and consistency. We pride ourselves on our efforts constantly investing in our people, equipment, and systems to maintain our leading position.


Our distinctive knowledge and capabilities in polymer have led us to develop a wide range of of exercise related products including Prgressive Resistance Bands, Tubes & Stripes, Mattress Protectors, Baby Cot Sheets, Latex Coated Fabric Products, Rubber Interlocking Pavers and many other sports related value-added products which are specially customized for unique  industry requisites. Our material technology behind the products ensures that they have market leading characteristics for uniformity, durability, strength and reliability.

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