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Texstretch Athletic Trainer is designed for athletes wanting to increase their speed, power, and conditioning. Our dedicated progressive resistance training products assists to develop dramatic and enhanced differences in your performance.


Power and deceleration are integral training principals well-rounded athletes must constantly fine-tune. Texstretch Athletic Trainer is designed to increase the speed with resisted, sport specific movements. The covered resistance tube enhances the acceleration. It helps building the power and explosiveness during each resisting conditioning workout.


Stretching components of the Texstretch Athletic Trainer are made of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) to offer the quality, strength, and the durability.

  • • Assists running power development.
  • • Designed to increase the speed with resisted, sports specific movements.
  • • Enhances the acceleration.
  • • Supports for a full range of motion.
  • • Each 12 feet long covered Progressive Resistance Tubes.
  • • Ideal for increasing speed, power and conditioning.
  • • Wear the harness around the hip. Tie up other end to a tire/sled with webbing straps.
  • • Use the product as prescribed by your Coach/Physiotherapist for the prescribed sets and repetitions.
  • • Relax before you commence exercises.
  • • Avoid hyper-extending or over-flexing the joints when exercising.
  • • Always do warm-up before exercises.
  • • Take a rest between sets.
  • • Before each use, check the product for damages. Avoid be scratched by the sharp edges.
  • • Consult your instructor or personal doctor, in case of any physical discomfort or injury.
  • • Store in a cool, dry place and away from moisture, heat & direct Sunlight.
  • • To clean, use a damped cloth with lukewarm water and wipe the product.
  • • Keep the product away from children. This product is not a toy.

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