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Texstretch Reaction Ball
Texstretch Reaction Ball
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Reaction Balls are very effectively used in sports. They are a great contributor to an ideal sporting activity. They ensure the user to master and improvise upon hand & eye coordination, reaction timing, footwork and agility. 

Players use Texstretch Reaction Balls to enhance their concentration level in sports. Not only renowned players but even common people can use Reaction Balls for enhancing their gaming skills. It is essential for players in football, baseball, cricket & etc., to use this product in their practice sessions.

This wonderful tool is a great support for athletes who strive hard in accelerating their performance on higher platters. Along with this, it enhances the depth perception, focus and dedication of players towards several sports. Texstretch Reaction Ball appears to be of six sided ones. It is made in a way that it gives a spark to the player for enhancing the first step acceleration. 

Texstretch Reaction Ball is made of natural rubber to offer the quality and the durability.


  • Enhances the focus of players in games.
  • Contributes to excellence hand eye coordination and response timings.
  • Supports maintaining the power of player’s concentration as high as possible.
  • Resilient, lightweight and portable travel companion.


  • Reaction Balls are hit strongly towards the wall in order to catch it in its own-desired direction.
  • It pops up back and the player should be alert enough to catch the ball and throw it again towards the wall.
  • Use the product as prescribed by your Coach/Physiotherapist for the prescribed sets and repetitions.
  • Relax before you commence exercises.
  • Always do warm-up before exercises.
  • Take a rest between sets.


  • Before each use, check the product for damages.
  • This product contains natural rubber and may cause allergic reactions for some.
  • Consult your instructor or personal doctor, in case of any physical discomfort or injury.
  • Keep the product away from children. This product is not a toy.

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