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A somewhat simple move to execute, Texstretch Rowing Trainer supports to strengthen all the major muscles on your back, including the Trapezius, Latissimus dorsi and the Rhomboids. It was designed by eliminating the chances to snap to the user's body as it has two-foot straps which hold the tubes. This product has two handles with foam grips to provide better comfort to the user. It is portable and allows you to perform seated rows wherever you happen to be, including your office, the park or a hotel room.

Stretching components of the Texstretch Rowing Trainer are made of natural latex to offer the quality and the durability.

  • Assists performing rowing exercises.
  • Builds muscle strength and control.
  • Designed for upper and lower body strengthening and conditioning.
  • Enhances your posture, agility, and stability.
  • Maintain proper posture to target the correct muscles on your back.
  • Keep the spine elongated, abs pulled-in and center your torso over your pelvis.
  • Avoid hunching or rounding your upper back or shoulders; slightly lift your chest and stack your shoulders over your hips.
  • Use the product as prescribed by your Coach/Physiotherapist for the prescribed sets and repetitions.
  • Relax before you commence exercises.
  • Avoid hyper-extending or over-flexing the joints when exercising.
  • Always do warm-up before exercises. Take a rest between sets.
  • Before each use, check the product for damages. Avoid being scratched by the sharp edges.
  • This product contains natural latex and may cause allergic reactions for some.
  • Consult your instructor or personal doctor, in case of any physical discomfort.
  • Store in a cool, dry place and away from moisture, heat & direct Sunlight.
  • To clean, use a damped cloth with lukewarm water and wipe the product.
  • Keep the product away from children. This product is not a toy.

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