Textrip (Pvt) Ltd., proposes a policy paper and conducting audit/s as per the Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) and sustaining thereof, hence the undernoted presentation.

The management of the Corporate shall follow in the working of all internal processes and practices in the conformance of integral aspects of SMETA and other applicable departmental policies.

In this exercise it is proposed to build up knowledge and compliance by having due focus upon.

1. All applicable local laws as per SMETA

2. All subscribed laws given in SMETA (in the related manual thereof), and

3. The good practices developed and followed by the Corporate

Further it is proposed to document the policy determinants and communicate and implement thereof properly amongst all employees engaged directly and/or indirectly. The policy may be available upon request to the interested parties from the public.

In this mandate the Corporate shall not resort to the following.

Engagement of child labour

Gender discrimination and discrimination on different grounds such as personal preference etc.

All form of abuse of labour

Uncongenial work environment

Potential accidents

Interference with personal rights (connected with race, religion, cast, opinion etc.)

Also provide:

Due safety and employment instructions.

Provide facility for employee grievances handling.

Right to form associations for common benefit and that of the Corporate.

Having defined age of engagement for permanent employees and for those engaged in specialty and exigency also to have an upper limit(s).

Use proper language and avoid abusive language at the workplace.

To establish in house a CSR committee and determine a suitable budget for CSR functions of the Corporate.

To use electronic media as much as possible to maintain the applicable standard and to monitor it.

To empower HR dept to drive the system as desired by the policy mechanism and MR to be the responsible party to monitor.

To publish this policy prominently for the benefit of employees and other stakeholders.

The components of labour standards, health and safety, universal rights (per UNGP), management system, entitlement to work, subcontracting and home working, environment and business ethics are also subject matters of this policy paper for guidance.

Ref/Strat/SA Policy/No.18
Date: 16 th June 2020
Issue No: 02
Rev. No: 01

Managing Director
Textrip (Pvt) Limited
Elasto Group

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