Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Textrip’s aim is to be a responsible corporate citizen wherever it operates. CSR activities have taken a focal point in the company agenda whereby training of youths, industrial training for young graduates, training & imparting knowledge to its own employees and supporting religious and educational activities. These initiatives are focused to create awareness on safeguarding from Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) by guiding the community to achieve good health and wellbeing.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a core tool to achieve our overall vision and is seen as imperative in our work. Being attached to the polymer industry, Textrip works upon the need to achieve sporting products and tools to bring about the desired change amongst human beings. Contextually, the most important and urgent subject matter being to prevent them from getting into pandemic abyss. As a responsible corporate citizen standing with natural persons, it performs as a true role model for the benefit of the world community to develop human immunity and build up the programme formidably so that NCD and CD both are addressed according to our might.

We, at our end, take our mission team out to support and train the wide cross-section of the people to perform the way the manual instructs, how to achieve the appropriate immunity under the professional guidance of sports and medical specialists. The schools, sedentary office workers, sporting bodies, physiotherapists, armed forces, police, and hospitals represent the cross sections of our target groups. We focus mainly upon the upper tract of the body for respiratory development. This gain is of high demand and critically relevant to the current global pandemic situation. The solution on offer also encompasses the different sporting needs of competitive sporting men and women.

Maintaining the hospital built in the hamlet of Bentota is a reminder of our role as a good corporate citizen.

Gunasekara Memorial Hospital - Bentota

Art Exhibition December 2021 at Elasto Premises

Donation of F & P Optiflow Nasal Oxygen Therapy Machine to General Hospital, Nagoda, Kalutara.

Donation to Castle Street Hospital

Students Field Visits to Elasto

Physical Activity Awareness Session at STF - Kalutara

Physical Activity Awareness Session at Holy Family Convent - Kurunegala

Physical Activity Awareness Session at Bandaranayake College - Gampaha

Donation to Maharagama Cancer Hospital

Donation to Castle Street Hospital Donation

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