The corporate having stood the test of time increasingly got involved in the ethical practices as desired by reputed world standards, namely ISO 45001, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, REACH and the internally practiced SMETA further to the rendition of international certifications for larger cross-border transactions. 

The raw materials inputs for the products are subject to rigorous laboratory and quality tests by the corporate and are taken into production after channelling through testing and certification processes. 


The information that goes into the input process will yield products with information intended for the customer. ‘TEXTRETCH Progressive Resistance Bands’ and the gamut of the product portfolio are of high demand from the end-user besides being a felt-need of the time for immunity building. User friendly features, meeting global OEM needs, utility value are salient features which auger the qualitative aspects of the products carrying the tagline ‘Becoming You…’


Seekers of sports science, exercise science, physiotherapy, health, beauty culture and mission control techniques necessitating the acquisition of knowledge as regards to biomechanics. We trust that the use of our bands is more an art than a science. And the user therefore can rightfully aspire to have higher zenith that a normal health seeker can aspire to have in achieving ‘Becoming You…’

What life offers; not wondering in the wilderness. But to venture out to find greater meaning in life by having first psychomotor development. Of course, carry the epithet ‘Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body’ the product of Juvenal.


At Textrip, we have complete in-house control over all key processes, from rubber formulation through to manufacture, finishing and presentation. We use unique & proprietary expertise at every stage. This ensures that the inherent properties of natural latex are preserved and enhanced, and all our products are made to the highest quality standards. Identification and traceability are maintained throughout the manufacturing process, together with monitoring and measuring mechanisms that helps to continually improve the product and process technologies

Elasto Ltd. and Textrip (Pvt) Ltd., together represent the utilisation of best natural ingredients, innovative processes and superior quality assurance methodologies. Each element of our production cycle is a key and together it is why Textrip has evidently became the preferred partner for so many leading global establishments. Working closely with our valued partners, we constantly seek for innovative solutions to enhance longevity and well-being of end customers.

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