We maintain a knowledge domain as regards to the sports training principle and R&D approach to delivery of target products to the athlete or the patient as deemed appropriate. We lay claim to over seven decades of R&D.

In the sports parlance which too supports physiotherapy and also beauty- culture products to pick up along with the rubber coated sheeting, baby cot sheets and sheeting, and bedspreads, all of which are made from centrifuged latex. Our R&D has come up with TPE products to further the product range.

A greater demand is now created for exercise products in the pandemic and post-pandemic economic landscape for immunity building and addition to building strength, speed, stability, endurance, mobility, agility, and power, all of which have been developed after analysing human body movement and concentrating on particular components of the body. In the human body lies the greatest power of the world for R&D to discover. Our historical reconstruction of R&D contributions to the world is noteworthy. We tread upon this vision in that we can support humanity to extend life spans with less dependence on medicine.

Quo Vadis? A triumph for humanity?

Imagination is Everything

At Textrip, we are passionate about innovating new products and solutions to enhance the quality of life of our people. Our distinctive knowledge and capabilities in polymer have led us to develop a wide range of products and we believe that your ideas are as valuable as ours.

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