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Healthy Lifestyle (Wellness Wisdom)

The concept of healthy lifestyle is not just sprang-up but well-conceived and included in our Corporate Policy. Addressing the global and local community, we have taken CSR practices from Corporate Governance. We have followed ‘Mens Sana in Corpore Sano’ the saying of Juvenal which translates into ‘Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body’.
This however is most crucial in the current context against the COVID-19 Pandemic where people succumb to the onslaught of the decease-enemy for not having acquired the required immunity. It is at this point our message becomes operative and relevant as it carries within it the solution to be achieved, if not fully, at least substantially.
In the context of sports savvy, sedentary workers, aged retiree, youth looking for better pasture, young and young adults pursuing careers and career related studies, and above all those recuperating from injuries are segments where our products portfolio offers customer satisfaction.

Sports and Fitness

This is all about adaptation to different types and levels of stressors of life and development of lifestyle meeting such challenges. Integral in the concept of ‘Wellness Wisdom’ is the target set for anyone to climb up the ladder of wellbeing for …. Becoming You….
However, different programmes are set for different persons needing to meet their individual aspirations. For instance, an athlete needs to pursue a vigorous training-programme consistently under professional advice to achieve his physical excellence. So is the person recovering from a body injury needing physiotherapy treatment. Obviously, training would be different to that of a professional athlete.
Those maintaining healthy weight and healthy life live longer. Regular and planned exercises facilitate preventing conditions such as colon cancer, blood pressure, strokes, diabetes etc. The foremost fitness definition is the sound cardio-vascular fitness. Your fitness programme should be arranged under the guidance of your trainer or physician.

Synergy of Body & Mind

Those into the field of healthy living pattern, find body-mind work in synergy.
The mind resides in the brain and facilitates the thought process of reason. It however is not a body organ but through the brain controls the body and its movement knowingly or unknowingly. Brain or cerebral atrophy is due to loss of tissues, and neurons and injury, sickness, damages of old age and this affects the functioning of the body. It is likened to the controller of the whole body. Despite less attention being paid to the brain it should in fact be taken good care of.
Selection of ‘Healthy Mind in Healthy Body’ brings in to force the concept through the physical exercises and brain related practices. As found in the golden age meditation, yoga, or modern practices like sudoku, and cardio-vascular centred exercises can support the ‘body and mind’ immensely. Contextually immunity building is greatly facilitated by stretching exercises.

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

The word ‘Rehabilitation’ is very apt in the sporting context and in strenuous work practices. The busy working life and in addition to the diversity of body movements require the much-needed agility and above all, the body coordination, power, strength, flexibility, endurance, and mobility which in fact support healthy human life.
Much neglected role of a physiotherapist needs to be re-addressed. All athletes need this support while the middle-ager as well as long distant traveller, those using vehicle public or private find this need recurring all the time but neglected. For them stretching provides just the much sought-after solution. They are recommended to do 30 to 45 minutes regular exercises a day for continuous five days with two rest days for recuperating. Contextually against COVID-19 it is lessened to sessions of 15 minutes morning and 15 minutes evening to maintain the immunity intact as over-exercise and stresses will destroy body immunity.

Appearance and beauty

The famous saying of John Keats “a thing of beauty is a joy for ever” is a starter to this seeming complex and difficult subject for volumes and volumes have been written by the writers and the same is still being pursued. This points to vagaries in perspective and inability to grapple with one acceptable answer. At the first attempt beauty shall be pleasing to eyes with what appearance and good taste produce. It is the harmony of what goes into a matter in the right proposition. It is the Progressive Resistance band which can take all the body system 11 in number to a rhythm. For athletes gain immensely by having regular workout with the bands which add to the body flexes, extension, rotation, run, sprint pull, push gait, and lunge the totality of which will support gaining elegance of appearance and beauty. So, invitation to proper use of ‘TEXSTRETCH’.

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