Latex Coated Fabrics
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After the application of a spread-coating on a fabric, the material gains new features such as water-resistance, flame resistance and others.

The latex spread can be layered starting from 0.02mm up to heavy multi-layered coatings on various kinds of woven or knitted fabrics. The materials can be delivered as vulcanized. Besides the usual deliveries in rolls, the fabrics can be cut and supplied in the shape of reels. Textrip can offer a wide range of one-sided, two-sided as well as multi-layered materials for various types of industrial or commercial uses.

Textrip Latex Coated Fabric Solutions are made of using natural latex to offer the quality and the durability, in the form of a coat at one or both sides of 100% woven or knitted Cotton fabrics, which can be traditional or certified organic.

  • • 100% Cotton woven/knitted fabric.
  • • 100% recyclable.
  • • Water resistant.
  • • Flame resistant.
  • • Chemical resistant.
  • • Features intra-layer breathability.
  • • Offers a higher comfortable sensation.
  • • Washable and printable.
  • • Phthalate, Formaldehyde and Powder free.
  • • Resilient and lightweight.
  • • Organic fabrics. (Optional)
  • • Autoclavable. (Optional)
  • • To clean, use a washing machine or wash using hands.
  • • Do not bleach, wring or dry-clean.
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