Textrip (Pvt) Ltd. – Elasto Group are engaged in manufacturing and marketing polymer-based products for local and export markets as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for world’s leading brands and retailers, as per their specification and fully committed to the following:

To meet utmost customer satisfaction through the products and services offered by the company while meeting the Statutory, Regulatory, and other applicable requirements.

Protecting the environment by eliminating, or minimizing the environmental pollution caused by solid waste, hazardous materials, emissions to air, spillages, and effluent discharges.

Consistently monitoring the usage of raw materials, packing materials, and consumables and striving to improve efficient material usage by reducing, reuse and recycling wherever possible.

Consistently monitoring the consumption of electricity and water adopting effective maintenance practices to avoid excessive use of natural resources.

The human resources are well managed with applicable sharing of knowledge and providing the necessary work skills and competencies, while providing a conducive, risk-free sanitary working environment and motivation to maintain the processes.

To protect the employees, engaged service providers and other stakeholders including the neighbourhood from the current pandemic (which is expected to survive for several years) by installing all possible safeguards and sanitary measures in house in addition to regular sanitary guidelines.

To regularly practice Research & Development activities as a permanent feature of the business sustainability mechanism.

To support environment issues in the neighbourhood by maintaining good business practices with responsibility and social accountability.

Striving to continually improve all processes of the Quality and Environmental Management Systems by establishing and monitoring the achievement of business and operational objectives.

Date: 21 st May 2020
Issue No: 03
Rev. No: 02

Managing Director
Textrip (Pvt) Limited
Elasto Group

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