July 7, 2021

Donation of F & P Optiflow Nasal Oxygen Therapy Machine to General Hospital, Nagoda, Kalutara

The Corporate Social Responsibility and the Ethical Responsibility devolved upon the directorate of Textrip [Pvt]Ltd, of Elasto Group specially during this Pandemic period. In this regard, Mr Mangala Gunasekera, Chairman & Managing Director readily responded to the request of the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs, Digital Technology and Entrepreneur Development and donated a ‘F & P Optiflow Nasal Oxygen Therapy machine to Nagoda General hospital.
The above philanthropic gesture was made on 07/07/2021.
The much-needed F & P Optiflow Nasal Oxygen Therapy Machine was physically handed over by Mr P. A. Nandasena COO of Elasto Group to Dr K.N.L.K. Arachchi and Dr D.C. Rajapaksha at the General Hospital Nagoda, Kalutara on 07/7/2021.


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