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While it is almost impossible to experience a true hanging workout at home, there are ways to simulate a similar experience using resistance tubes and a high rigging point. Texstretch Hung Stretcher is a tool that combines the benefits of suspension training and progressive resistance. In other words, it is a tool that hangs from a ceiling rigging point, much like a suspension trainer, and the Texstretch Hung Stretcher itself offers stretching resistance.

The product can be used multi-directionally. Users can use the handles to perform push-pull exercises, such as push-ups or modified bodyweight rows, or they can hook their feet in the handles to perform plank-style moves. Emphasis of Texstretch Hung Stretcher is more on the rhomboids and associated scapular downward rotators and depressors. This is also to ensure the lateral exercises worked out the way it should be done. These in effect become substitute or alternatives to weights.

Stretching components of the Texstretch Hung Stretcher are made of natural latex to offer the quality and the durability.

  • Lateral pull down for back and chest development.
  • Bench press develops chest and both hands.
  • Standing lateral raise develops the top of the shoulders.
  • Upright rowing develops top of the shoulders and upper back.
  • French curl develops the upper part of the arms.
  • Pullover assists development of the front shoulder.
  • Toe raising assists lower legs in particularly calf muscles.
  • Ankle dorsal flexion develops front and lateral hand/leg grips.
  • Use the product as prescribed by your Coach/Physiotherapist for the prescribed sets and repetitions.
  • Relax before you commence exercises.
  • Avoid hyper-extending or over-flexing the joints when exercising.
  • Always do warm-up before exercises.
  • Take a rest between sets.
  • Before each use, check the product for damages. Avoid being scratched by the sharp edges.
  • This product contains natural latex and may cause allergic reactions for some.
  • Consult your instructor or personal doctor, in case of any physical discomfort.
  • Store in a cool, dry place and away from moisture, heat & direct Sunlight.
  • To clean, use a damped cloth with lukewarm water and wipe the product.
  • Keep the product away from children. This product is not a toy.

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